TeleDoc is an electronic document management system for telephone and mobile users for Telecom companies. It provides an excellent solution to manage all paper documents.


CloudDocu is cloud web based software, crucial for those organizations where the importance of documents, data security and reliability is a concern. Manually dealing with documents is a very challenging and tedious task and it is very time consuming process which hampers the core business of any organization.


eDMS is an web based application through which a user can scan, upload, save and manage the documents. eDMS is electronic document management system.


mScanner is a mobile based application with Android OS which provides facility of document management, scanning, storage and retrieval of documents anywhere & any time.


ScaNet is for scanning, indexing and uploading the documents on server on day to day basis. The scope of this software is to reduce the time taken in scanning, indexing the files and saving them for future access. It will automatically index the documents on the basis of barcode hence, minimizing the time consumption to perform this task.


ScanE is for bulk scanning, indexing and bulk uploading the documents on repository based on custom scan settings, database & repository settings.