Staff Augmentation Services

With the help of our dedicated team and experienced developers, we have helped our clients in past with top notch recruiting services for their business needs. We analyze the staff as per the requirements raised by the clients and search for the appropriate staff very deeply to get the best driven man power results for the valued clients.

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We value your needs for Software Development

We have been serving the industry for more than 2 decades, so we can easily understand the challenges that are being faced by companies while starting their software development process.

Common Challenges faces by Firms

From our past experience, here are some common issues that our experts have noted that are faced by clients:

  • Surpassing the committed deadline
  • Management of leaves of employees
  • Work space requirement for employees
  • Expense of hiring a in house team
  • Meeting needs as per changing market
  • Data management of users and projects also

Our Development Approach

We have developed our approach as per consistent analysis and past work experience of our dedicated team:

  • Meeting client’s expectation
  • Quick response time for client’s issues
  • No expense for hiring in house team
  • Continuously updated with latest technology and trends
  • Dedicated project management by our team
  • Timely drive for projects as per given ETA

IT Staff Augmentation Process

We have been continuously serving the industry since 1994. We have a experience of more than 25+ years dedicated to the service for different industries. We have also given our services to the brands also and helped them to surpass the decided limits effectively. There are majorly two processes of our staff augmentation services.

Onsite Staffing Service

Onsite Staffing Service

As the name suggests, onsite staff augmentation means that staff will be deployed on the user preferred site or location. This means that our staff recruited for your process will work on the client's office or project locations. The major benefit of this process is that coordination with team gets quite easy and still the employees are working as regular employees on our payroll. So, you have a better team coordination with less expense.

Offsite Staffing Service

Offsite staffing service basically means you can hire our team and team will work remotely for on your project. In this type we also have a option either you can take control for project management over team or we can handle the whole project for you. We also take care of privacy of our clients with a strict Non-Disclose Agreement. In this type of recruitment, you don't need to worry about the expense for work space of the team.

Offsite Staffing Service

Tools & Technologies Used

Here is a list of all and new tools, technologies and respected frameworks that are being currently used by our dedicated IT team to match the requirements of clients.

Why Us

We can help you to reach the goal hassle free with help of our experienced team. Also, SoftAge has a keen eye on latest technology trend and our developers implement same for your clients enabling them to take a step forward in this competitive market.

  • No Contract Lock-ins
  • 100% Real Reviews
  • No Freelancers
  • Strict NDA
  • Data Security
  • Innovative Approach
  • Timely Delivery
  • Experienced Staff
  • High User Privacy
  • Full Transparency
  • User Friendly Process

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Our Hiring Models


Dedicated team basically means that the whole team will be made available to the client. You have the whole charge for the whole team and the development process of the team. You have number of benefits in this model like you get an in-house development team at low expense.

Based Model

In this model you hire a team for a specific project or timeline. This is quite a user friendly model and is easy comparatively quite easy on pocket also. After analysis of your requirement, a fixed price is set by the team and thus further on formalities and process is carried out.

Based Model

This type for model is basically preferred by startup companies or project in which development time required is quite low. So, for a small project there is no point to hire a whole, rather you can hire a team on hourly basis for best and budget friendly outputs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Staff augmentation is the process in which we recruit the required staff for our clients on our payroll. This removes the need to hire a in-house team rather you can get work done in a simpler and cost effective manner.

Either you can take charge for the management of the hired team else our we will take care of the whole process for your project. Hired teams an both deployed onsite as well as remotely.

Looking for Staff Augmentation Services?

SoftAge has a team full of highly experienced and hardworking members. We constantly update our skill set as per recent technology trends and updates.