Shred before obsolete data slip in the wrong hands

Contracts, proposals, financial transcripts, purchase orders-every bit of the business information is crucial and confidential. Spies are everywhere, data is vulnerable to security threats, and old files should be shred safely. To preserve the authenticity of the confidential information, it is obligatory to dispose the undesired corporate material to a safer place. Throwing away won’t ensure the credibility of the information encrypted in the paper records. Document destruction safeguards your private information, meet the legislative compliance and protect intruders from spoiling your public image.

Document Shredding

Why to shred?


Safety of antiquated business records

Nil probability to access the sensitive information preserved in the old files.


Curb the identity theft

Historic employee records are redundant yet to be kept secured.


Secrecy maintained

Retain the confidentiality of historic financial documents or proposal information.


Keep data out of everyone's reach once discarded

Misuse of dumped files in a storeroom is obvious, shred to keep staff or trespassers at bay.

Security breach – A danger for your business credibility!

Business files are usually susceptible to an intruder attack, if left unentertained for years. Document shredding is an absolute solution to eradicate the risk by destroying historic yet valuable paper records and media.

Document Storage

Why it is important to destroy old files?

Organizations have large chunks of data stored in various forms-paper files, CDs, cassettes, drives, floppy disks, and to name a few. Documents keep accumulating in the office premises or a storehouse. This is bothersome for organizations. Why? Because more paper files in the premises means more storage space is needed to store that large volume of data, which in turn leads to security violation. Old reservoir of records is vulnerable to the hacking instead of the ones that have been recently added to the massive list.

document shreding


See our credibility through customer's eye

Madhav Malhotra

Vice President, Vodafone India

“I compliment and congratulate all of you for doing stupendous work in documentation management system processes. You are one of the market leaders in Indian market and are doing a fantastic job in the last few years.”

Vijayendra Kumar

IAS, State UID, Registrar, Haryana

“SoftAge successfully completed Aadhar enrolment in seven districts by setting up permanent enrolment centres across 44 locations in Haryana, Feb 2014-March 2017. Work of the company was satisfactory throughout the assignment.”

Our Prestigious Clients

We are a trusted partner to top-notch industry players

Our Prestigious Clients

We are a trusted partner to top-notch industry players

Why would you shred your old documents?

  • Information leakage is a demon to your business credibility?
  • Compliances met yet worried how to safely destroy your old files?
  • Do you quest to attain a winning edge over competitors?
  • Are you searching a contingent business continuity plan?

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