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Experience High-Tech Document Storage Process

Document Collection

Document Collection

Our process starts with the collection of data from the clients' end. Data may be present in various forms including documents, magnetic tapes, hard drives, etc. Once the material is collected from the client's site successfully, then it is transported to our warehouses safely.

Authentic Tagging

Authentic Tagging

After documents are transported to warehouses, they are unloaded very systematically to avoid any physical damage. Going forward, documents undergo the process of indexing or tagging. A proper database of tags are made to avoid any redundancy of the documents.

Systematic Storage

Systematic Storage

A step forward to tagging is storing. Documents are stored in respected racks differentiating it from other documents stored. Softage uses modern technology like modular racks following disaster management guidelines to make the storage process hassle-free.

Instant Retrieval

Instant Retrieval

We understand the competitive market and the need for quick retrieval. To have a good hold in the industry, the data of any organization should be available at the least possible time so that it can undergo further analysis. We store documents systematically to harness short retrieval time.

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Best Document Storage Company For Enterprises

SoftAge has a great name in offering excellent document storage services to its clients and partners. We have worked with players in various industries and jotted the results surpassing their expectations. We are experts in offering document storage solutions attaining every aspect properly offering

Document Storage Process

End to End Tracking

We offer end to end tracking of the documents. From the point of collection of documents to bench mark of storing document or instant retrieval of documents, a proper tracking of documents. A complete tracking is made available for the users to have a clear idea about the process journey.

Disaster Management/Risk Mitigation

Our warehouses where the client’s documents are stored are very well equipped with all the measures and precautions laid out by Disaster management guidelines. So, we try to keep documents safe as possible in case of emergencies also for a better user experience.

Up to Date Technology

We are using up to date technologies and equipment that are required to make Document storage system more efficient these days. For example, we are using modular racks for storing documents rather traditional racks, proper markings over different racks, appropriate spacing and lighting to avoid any confusions leading to mistakes.

Complete Management Solutions

SoftAge is not just a Document management company in India, rather we also offer a complete package of document management that includes numerous processes like document digitization, scanning, archiving, indexing, custom software and shredding or document destruction.

24/7 Tech Support

For SoftAge, client satisfaction is the first priority. We recognize the fact that client satisfaction is not only influenced with the delivery of the product, rather it is also concerned with type of service user experiences. So, keeping these aspects in mind, we offer 24/7 technical support.

Custom Database

Maintaining a robust data base of clients records and documents is a must step that cannot be incorporated with any kind of minor mistake also. So, keeping this in mind, we use our custom created in house data base for our presaged clients to offer them complete accuracy.
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Document Storage Services for Industries

With the increase in demand of land and its prices, it has been a tough task to look for warehouses and storage spaces. Costing of land and settlement of warehouses has touched the heights with in past few years. So, to play smartly it is a great plan to outsource the requirement of space for document storage and warehousing. Also, but opting for document storage system, the cost required for maintenance of warehouses and resources are also settle down in plan, making it a cost effective model for every business in any industry.


Ecommerce industry is bombarded with load and loads of data their users, buyers or leads that has to be stored and managed at any cost. We merge the excellent features for your store and online shopping platform that will help to give user a better experience. Our Data Storage Services in India for ecommerce industry helps to manage the data of mass audience reached in short period of time.


Whether it is related to management of physical documents or digital ones, SoftAge redefines the way logistics firms need to work at the back end. We not just serve you to manage your stored connections but also remove the bottlenecks occurring with the frequent changes in market. We help in managing data for every logistic service including FOS management to last mile delivery.


As we all know, the aviation industry in known for its verification process and incomparable data management services. Aviation industry needs to store every data from ticket numbers, flight number & timings to physical documents used at the time of verification. So, custom document storage solutions are required to incorporate the demand of mountains of documents of the clients.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Our document storage services for real estate companies enable multiple real estate and construction firms to harness their efficiency of cognitive technologies and strong document management systems to get the right set of solutions for increasing the process efficiency, auction management, multiple listing service, inventory management and overall a better business flow.


Maintaining and handling large amounts of patient documents including paperwork while complying with the Health Insurance Policies and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations are some of the most taunting tasks faced by healthcare industry these days. From easy document scheduling to instant data retrieval, we ensure positive patient experiences and streamlined workflows for Document warehousing services.


On an average, huge amount of paper work in shared among the teachers, students and admins on regular intervals that may include admission, registration, application forms, student records, transcripts, projects related documents, assignments etc. Softage uses automation complying a custom document storage system that helps to maintain to confidential data safe, secure and available.

Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance

Softage has a well renowned name as enterprise document management company in India especially in banking sector for serving major banks with custom software and storage solutions. We help banks to surpass the competition in market by developing custom software enabling banks in serving their clients with better user experience and increased customer satisfaction.


We coordinate closely with networking and telecom industry bringing them innovative strategies to maintain and store the bulks of data in digital as well as physical form. Custom-made document management solutions help to distribute the documents to warehouses for storing of data for secure storage facility, securing confidential data and instant & quick retrieval whenever in need.


Production of paper works and its waste are on peak in government offices. All the data generated has to be handled with care, not even the waste of documents can be discarded leniently. So, following the laid out guidelines and maintaining high end data security can be a bit challenging task for document management companies. We require a top notch system to meet the needs.

Our Worldwide Network

Softage has been serving the market since 1994 with its vigorous solutions and customer services. With number of satisfied and happy clients increasing day by day, we have spread our business wings globally. We are now servicing 100 cities with 10 warehouses for document storage and 600 spoke offices in India, UAE and Kenya.
With our headquarters in Gurugram, India, we strive to offer innovative Document Storage services all over the globe to cater to the dynamic requirements of our clients and leading markets. We have a very wide channel spread across all over India. We are serving more than 100 cities in India with our prosperous document storage services.
With the establishment of a strong presence in Dubai, we have started to serve the businesses around the globe to enable better goals with trending solutions and solve their business issues fostering innovation and business growth. Through the establishment of warehouses in Kenya, we aim to attain a broader audience towards a broader global market & achieve the desired business value around the world.

SoftAge Presence
Frequently Asked Questions

Document Storage is basically a proven way to manage the information for any business. As we all know information or data is the basic seed of any firm that will help its business bloom if analyzed and utilized appropriately. So, every industry requires a space where they can store all the available information of their clients with easy availability and high-end security. So, here Document Storage Companies enters the show. The firms offer relevant Document storage services that help their clients to save their essential documents safely. Storage process includes the following steps that initiate this service.

Collection and transportation of documents
Firstly, Documents are collected from the end of clients. Document collection can be a bit lethargic task for the team as documents available may be in bulk volume or in different forms like magnetic tapes, disks, hard disks, etc. So, to load them properly and transport them to the desired warehouse is a responsible task avoiding any hamper or damage to the documents being loaded or transported.

Storing the documents in warehouses
After transporting the documents to the warehouses, the next step is to store in such a way that quick retrieval of documents are possible at any time. Sometimes the digitization of documents is also done before storing them in order to make a soft copy of the documents. A proper tagging and indexing of the documents are processed in order to make management easier and quicker. Softage is a Document Storage Company that has well-equipped warehouses with modern technology and disaster management mitigation.

Document storage is an essential part for maintaining your sense of space and protecting your important information in form of documents that you are going to need at some point in the future for better business plans and outcomes. For Example, whether you have family photographs or your official identity proof documents, all need to be stored at a safe and easily accessible place may be Almira locker, etc.
Document storage has gained popularity since the last decade as the firms realized the benefits of this service in terms of cost and performance both. Outsourcing document storage service is not only a cost-effective model, also we have all our data accessible n a short period of time making it very compatible to judge the performance on the basis of past data, hence increasing the performance of organizations.

Softage is a well renowned organization serving document storage since 1994. We keep full control over the privacy and security of our clients' data in any form. Data may be present in form of documents, hard disks, magnetic disks, floppies, hard drives etc. Most of the time, we initiate the process of tagging and storing with help of artificial intelligence automation. With automation, we can exchange the human interaction required for storage with the secure and safe artificial intelligence software system that helps to maintain high end security for document storage company.

Document Storage Solutions at its Best

Our team is well experienced and experts in their forte. You can expect professional services with understanding and helping staff by working with our team. Take your business to new heights by managing your data perfectly.