Beyond Encryption and Security Guards

Keeping the file cabinets secure within locks isn't just enough to ensure the data security. Preserving the confidentiality of data is as crucial as keeping an eye on the business analytics. Fire, flood, rodents, intruders, data loss or ‘out of sight’ document storage are the chief culprits to data security. Onsite-record management is redundant and risky. A hi-tech off-site document storage would permit encrypted archival of your critical business information.

Document Storage

Why warehouse your documents?


Shred your infrastructure cost

To omit the skyrocketing on-site document storage costs, off-site document storage act as a savior.


Risk Mitigation

Disaster recovery is a must-to-have to sustain the business credibility.


Cementing Customer Experiences

Timely show of your customer’s data or financial documents is a symbolic of your status quo.


Speedy Physical file Retrieval

Preserve the lifecycle of your documents along with a last-minute physical record retrieval.

How secure are your documents on-premises?

If you cannot save your data, you cannot save your business. Often, security is sacrificed in-lieu of document availability at a close proximity. However, storing documents on-site amounts to massive repercussions. Better to store the valuable files to a distant warehouse storage space, so you could conveniently retrieve them as required and no one breaches the security levels.

Document Storage

Secure your valuable assets, secure your business

Missing documents incurs huge penalties to an organization. Unauthorized access is a demon to the authenticity and integrity of the business data. With our warehouse facility, you ensure your physical files are stored securely. No more retrieval delays or information misplacement.

document encryption


See our credibility through customer's eye

Madhav Malhotra

Vice President, Vodafone India

“I compliment and congratulate all of you for doing stupendous work in documentation management system processes. You are one of the market leaders in Indian market and are doing a fantastic job in the last few years.”

Vijayendra Kumar

IAS, State UID, Registrar, Haryana

“SoftAge successfully completed Aadhar enrolment in seven districts by setting up permanent enrolment centres across 44 locations in Haryana, Feb 2014-March 2017. Work of the company was satisfactory throughout the assignment.”

Our Prestigious Clients

We are a trusted partner to top-notch industry players

Our Prestigious Clients

We are a trusted partner to top-notch industry players

Why warehouse facility for document storage?

  • On-premises document management is a burden on your infrastructure cost ?
  • Is your disaster recovery plan enough to safeguard your vast reservoir of historic files?
  • Do you quest to attain a winning edge over competitors?
  • Are you searching a contingent business continuity plan?

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