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Document Digitization Solutions at a Glance

AI Powered Process

Artificial intelligence has taken this game to a next level. We have engaged the latest technologies to our process to stay ahead of Document Digitization Companies in India. AI implementation has drastically reduced the turn around town and resources value for clients making it more budget oriented model.

Accurate Scanning

We consistently work on our scanning portion, constantly testing and updating our algorithms to incorporate and achieve next to idle state of accuracy in scanning. Updating our OCR algorithms in background on regular intervals makes us stand apart in the crowd offering document digitization services.

Tagging & Indexing

Tagging and indexing of physical as well as digitized documents is the most taunting task for document digitization companies. We keep a strict eye on the process to avoid any kind of data bleaching of our clients' records. We always focus onto maintain a quality of our digitization process rather focusing on number of documents digitized.

Scalable Database

The data management is the next step after the completion of document digitization solution. We have a robust data base that not only stores the your documents in digital form rather it also helps to decrease the redundancy of the documents enabling exact and quick retrieval of the data entered in the data base.


Accurate OCR for Scanning


Data Security


Offices across the Globe

Top Notch Process Of The Best Document Digitization Company

SoftAge as being a player in Document Digitization Services has helped numerous organizations including some known brands to improve the quality of data management and let go of old school physical or paper document storage. He have impressed our clients with extra ordinary services including-


Safe Collection

Collection of physical documents from their respective pick up points is a crucial task as loads of documents are hard to manage and also some documents may also be in a state where documents can get prone to tampering. Maintaining the safe collection of these documents is must for any document digitization company.


Appropriate Scanning

After the delivery of documents, the major challenging and essential task is to pipe line the process of scanning of physical documents. Scanning is the major process that decides the quality of processed document and SoftAge is up to date with the latest and best machines as well as accurate OCR systems.


Document Conversion

Conversion of the processed documents is the next step of our Document digitization solutions. We create the image with updated scanning and OCR algorithm going forward processed images need to be converted to client required formats like .word, .png, .pdf. Converted data is then processed further more for proper tagging and indexing for easy management.


Careful Tagging and Indexing

Now comes the point where you are in some what middle of the process of custom document digitization service, everything needs to be taken with Caution. A proper tagging of physical documents is done prior of scanning and after digitization. Afterwards, these two documents are matched up and processed for Indexing for easy maintenance.


Storage Solutions

We offer a variety in our solutions ranging from just Document digitization services to a fully management system that includes storing of data to safe warehouses, custom build software for 24/7 accessibility of data for high end experience. We are well known for our warehouses also as they are situated across the globe.


Custom Software

We offer custom software solutions for our clients. Custom software helps to maintain and manage a proper account and data base of the digitized documents. So, if you are looking out for a solution that can help you to safely manage the documents including processes like data base, quick retrieval etc. then this custom solution is way to go for your needs.

Related Case Studies




Telecom industry starts up with the collection of documents including registration forms and other identity papers. These days Telecom industry cannot sustain in market with proper help of a enthusiastic document digitization company that will help to digitize, store and maintain the information in their data base.



Logistics can also be considered as the foundation for the e-commerce industry, making lives simpler and better. We help in simplifying the management, process that is done with help of our latest and updated, best document digitization services! We help you make better decisions and facilitate optimum data management.

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance sector famous for producing huge mountains of important data that may include customer personal details, account & transaction statements, any other confidential information related to loan. So, document digitization solutions are really blooming in this sector and making its functioning easy and fast.



There is no second thought in the fact government organizations are loaded with essential physical documents that need to stored, digitized as well as maintained properly. These documents are highly confidential in nature as they can be citizens’ identity to account statements that need to handled with care.



When it comes with the management of records, reports, bills and other documents of patients, doctors and employees, health care industry needs a real life savior. SoftAge not only aid them in digitizing of their records rather also help them with digitization of physical documents, secure shredding of confidential data and management of digital documents.



eCommerce industry is completely dependent on management and digitization of documents in digital and quickly accessible form. eCommerce companies may require document digitization services to manage the documents of their clients', dealers, delivery process and warehousing solutions.

Real Estate

Real Estate

What comes to our mind when we think of real estate? Obviously, big house. But, underneath it we have a lot of paper work for the success of buying and selling in this vertical. Here, is the pot where efficient document digitization companies come in play to help them to digitize their physical documents into easily manageable digital ones.



Solutions for education industry incorporate the custom document digitization solution that helps to improve the society by helping the education vertical. Understanding the requirements, our experienced team builds smart solutions offers the top notch digitization leading education sector a step ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leading the industry since 1994(more than 25 Years), SoftAge is considered among the top names of document digitization companies in India. We have crossed the global barriers also by serving the international terrains of UAE, Kenya, and USA with our incomparable services. We offer a cycle including document collection, document digitization, tagging, file conversion, OCR and proper storing with robust data base.
If you are occupied with mountains of files and physical documents threatening your organizations data security, then opt for SoftAge digitization process.

Document digitization doesn't mean just going paperless or going digital. Document digitization services are a way ahead to incorporate the organizations with the future demands. Here are some benefits of process of document digitization-
Budget oriented solution
The cost of printing and managing the paperwork can be really taunting to the pockets. I requires huge investment and area to manage and store the physical documents efficiently and safely. Document imaging and scanning cut the cost of document printing drastically.
Increased accessibility
The converted documents acquire a comparatively very little space to store. Some documents can also be stored on online storage drives, pen drives, hard disk etc. You can access the data whenever you require with a perfect data base. Also, real estate space is quit expensive these days and owning or renting them to just store physical document is out dated now. You can just convert the data of warehouse of physical documents to digital form and store it in small hard disks that can be easy carried also in your pockets.
Environmentally friendly
Everyone knows volumes of trees that are cut down in order to just produce papers. Document Imaging and overall document digitizing process adds to your green credits and is an environment friendly initiative. It removes the needs of creating multiple backup copies and unnecessary printing, increasing the eco-friendly quotient of your company.

SoftAge is leading the business since 1994 and has maintained a rank among the top notch document digitization companies across the globe from past 25 years. We believe in offering high end services to our clients that help them to attain the never experienced and incomparable user experience. SoftAge has served the industry from ranging from big brands to small businesses to sky rocket their business growth and manage resources efficiently so that they can look forward to match the digital future. Shaking hands with SoftAge means you are settling down with the best document digitization company.