Reasons to Consider Cloud based DMS

The world is changing on a pace never seen before. Technology is also shifting rapidly, from desktops to notebooks and even more nano technology changing the face of digital environment. For an instance, one can easily carry a pen drive of 1TB in pocket that has far more storage space that earlier methods like discs, dvds and electronic magnets.

So, the pace at which technology is evolving is too high and we have to incorporate it to sustain in market. So, if we consider the things around the vertical of document management then things have changed a lot here too.  In earlier, times paper bound records and documents were stored in large warehouses and manual indexing, tagging and retrieval was initiated. Soon, digitized documents came into play and the tables started turning towards the digital end as it was a lot more cost effective.

No need to store the digital documents in large warehouses that were high on budget; rather digital formats can be easily stored in storage devices and servers. Digital format of record management was quite fast as compared to the orthodox method of storing and retrieval.

Cloud based document management system

Cloud technology is the most talked and evolving technology since the last decade. Everyone is familiar with the term cloud environment and the features its offering.  It has literally changed the storage vertical and has opened new horizons for the storage and accessibility. Who ever thought that you can access your servers and data base from anywhere and anytime. Every organization in today’s time is looking for cloud based document management solutions so that they can sustain in this competitive market. Let’s discuss how cloud based document management system can help organizations to take their business to a new level.

Advantages of Cloud Based DMS


The way people work today has undergone a dramatic shift. Users want 24/7 access to their files, whether they are in the workplace, in a coffee shop, at home or using their computer, smartphone or tablet on business trips. When workers are given the choice of where and how they work, because of decreased travel time, they are happier, absenteeism decreases and productivity rises. Storing your documents in the cloud will help you understand these advantages in terms of efficiency.

Spontaneous Development

Cloud-based SaaS is available through a simple Internet connection from a web browser. At the client’s end, minimal IT input is needed. Little to no software to configure; no setup firewalls; no set-up backups; all have a turnkey Document Management Software deployment. And yet a cloud-based DMS provides a company with the ability to configure and/or update the solution as needed. Since improvements and updates are made available automatically, the client will always have access to the latest version of the DMS.

Better Security

Obviously, modern technology has a lot more options when the call comes to security of the data base.  Cloud based systems are specially designed with keeping the aspect of security in mind. For any cloud based system, security is the foundation as it can be really harmful as anyone can enter the confidential data. So, the security algorithms for a cloud based system are lot more higher than a normal firewall or web solution.

Cloud is Eco Friendly

Solutions for cloud-based document administration are more environmentally sound. Cloud-based DMS is greener than more conventional premise-based systems by sharing numerous servers’ cooling and energy needs, reducing storage space, and consuming less local energy.

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