Why Storing Documents in Self Storage may be Harmful

The world is quite familiar with terms like document storage, data management, and data analysis. Everyone understands the emphasis and importance of these terms and thinking of survival in the market without proper analysis and management of data is not possible. But, a matter of fact is that management and analysis of the data will only be possible if documents are stored properly. We can say that proper and adequate storage of documents is directly proportional to the better analysis of data and business growth.

Benefits of Offsite Document Storage

Technology has introduced new terms like cloud storage, hard drive storage to the world which has changed the way organizations are operating. Earlier in the previous decade majority of the organizations in almost every vertical were working on onsite document storage. Everyone rented properties to store their essential documents no matter of the fact how much they use them. Whether they use them once a year or every day, they need to pay for the rent of property or had to buy the property.

As the world moved and offsite document storage companies came to play, some organizations started moving towards them, and other companies still chose the earlier option of onsite storage. Offsite document storage services were seen to be a better option than onsite storage. You don’t have to have to make a huge investment for keeping the records or either way no need to rent a property for the same purpose.

Soon, with the advancement in technology, the world was introduced with terms like cloud storage. Cloud storage has drastically changed the world’s functions. It is the most trending technology used for the storage of all kinds of digital data. Physical documents need to be first digitized to store them in digital format. Cloud storage is one of the most convenient options for companies that function day and night from multiple locations across the globe. You can access your documents and essential data from any time and everywhere.

So, no matter if you are using offsite storage or using a cloud based document management software, but the trends are running out for onsite storage. Let us discuss the fact why self-storage and onsite document storage is risky for the business

Accessibility Issue

Storage units are typically a four-walled open space with a potential ceiling. There are no racks or shelves on top of which records can be set. Storing papers on top of each other on the floor in files crushes the boxes. To get to the one with the documents you need to reach, there is the added pressure of shifting those heavy, stacked boxes around. It is important to keep organized records and private information confidential. These storage units have limitations in accessing the data from time to time. They cannot be accessed at any time and everywhere fundamental. Fixed storage place and time is the major limitation of this type of storage services.

Physical Protection

As we all know and can understand the fact that the physical protections with unprofessional staff cannot be robust. Offsite storage warehouses are properly equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure for better management and storage. Onsite storage can be more prone to thefts and unauthorized access to the confidential documents of your company. As generally seen most self-storage units are just been governed with a simple key lock that if quite easy to tackle. Whereas, in warehouses, a proper security check is there including CCTV cameras, security guards, etc.

Disaster Proof

There is a major issue in onsite document storage is that the documents are not kept in an environment that is equipped to deal with any kind of natural calamity. Warehouses are well equipped with the facilities and infrastructure that can cope up with natural calamities to a large extent. Fire alarms, seismic zone analysis, modular racks, etc, and more facilities like these are offered in offsite document storage warehouses to cope up with natural calamities.

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