Document Management Trends for 2021

DMS trends 2021

Every year brings new reforms and transformations with it. It is not a new thing that trends will change again or get transformed with the changing year. It is not that just date changes, significant changes arise in terms of tools, technology and trends. The same is expected when we talk about the document management industry. Let us discuss the possible trends that are expected to rule the year 2021-

Document Management Trends to rule 2021

The lives of humans have drastically changed after hit by pandemic. The pre-pandemic market and post-pandemic market is very different and so will be the trends. So, let’s have a look for the expected trends-

Cloud Storage

After being hit by pandemic, majority of offline business have suffered. So, almost every business is looking for an online platform for itself to overcome loss and walk with the time. Cloud based Document Management software is likely to see a drastic rise in demand as majority of corporate sector is working remotely. Cloud based document storage process have opened the new doors for organizations as data in this server can be accesses from anywhere anytime. No geographical boundary is set if you are using cloud based server.

Smart and AI Enabled

Gartner expects that by the end of 2024, 75% of companies will move from piloting to operationalizing Artificial Intelligence, driving a 5-fold rise in streaming data and analytics infrastructures. With existing approaches, there are problems. Pre-covid models can no longer be accurate, based on large quantities of historical data. However, Artificial Intelligence disruptions will allow for learning algorithms such as reinforcement learning, interpretable learning such as Artificial Intelligence that can be clarified, and powerful infrastructures such as edge computing and new chip types.

Machine Learning Infrastructure

Machine learning (ML) has a reputation as too difficult for most enterprises, similar to AI, but the payoff is almost invaluable. In data processing, automated tools powered by machine learning can be effective because they collect data and compile it into easily digestible visual formats. ML productivity tools are inserted into most SaaS offerings focused on the cloud or provided as a stand-alone cloud-based architecture that offers ease of deployment and use.

Data Security

With the New Year and new trends, new safety measures also need to be taken. Data security has always been the top most trend as well as priority in document management industry. So, it is not a new trend, but the trend is refined now. The cases of cybercrimes and frauds are increasing day by day, so appropriate measures need to be initiated. Obviously, we have been hearing the term data security commonly so wondering what’s new about it. There will be new algorithms, new level for fire walls and refined access distribution to avoid un-authorized access to data.

Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics uses technology such as machine learning and AI to help with data planning, generation of insight, and clarification of insight to increase how people in analytics and BI platforms explore and evaluate data. Algorithms can be used to detect schemas and joins, repetitive transformation and integrations can be completely automated, data quality and enrichment recommendations are auto-generated by the system, and you can also automate the profiling.


These are some of the trends that are expected to be on peak in 2021. Get your organization ready for the year 2021 by implementing these with your business model. If you still have issues integrating these functionalities to your system, then contact a reliable document management company and stay ahead of your competitors in 2021.

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