Artificial Intelligence Optimizing Last Mile Logistics

We are basically going to talk about two different verticals in this blog i.e. Artificial Intelligence and Last Mile Logistics. Everyone is familiar with the term artificial intelligence and it is the most talked-about technology in this decade. Artificial intelligence is the most widely spread era of technology and it is even changing our day to day life. On the other hand, last mile logistics is the final and the end process of the supply chain that enables the user to the final product at its doorstep.

Both last mile logistics and artificial intelligence have become an integral part of society. We are living in the digital era full of online shopping and eCommerce supplies. A complete eCommerce business is only possible due to last mile delivery. The supply chain is quite incomplete without a proper delivery method that can offer its final product to the customers. Or we can simply say that last mile delivery is an essential part as it alone in the process in the supply chain cycle that meets with the end customer. Obviously, for this reason, only last mile delivery is supposed to be directly proportional to customer satisfaction.

Evolution of customers’ expectations

The world has evolved and so does the expectations from the online industry. Earlier the delivery methods were not that impressive and thus the business was not up to the mark for the eCommerce industry. With the transformation in online transactions and digitization of the industry, the demand for eCommerce increased. But, the main aspect for the success to meet this demand was only possible due to last mile logistics. With the introduction of terms like hyperlocal delivery, same day delivery, scheduled delivery customers got more attracted to the eCommerce vertical like never before.

Challenges in Logistics

With rising in the demand for last mile delivery services and more area to be covered there are continuous challenges faced by the logistics companies, last mile delivery have not been now so easy than it earlier it used to be. Every customer has an expectation to get delivery on time and with busy scheduled life the time window is getting short day by day. Areas and pin codes for delivery are increasing and time constraint is reducing gradually. With the competitive market, it is very important for delivery companies to stay on time for their customers and retain every single customer.

Introduction of AI

Here how artificial intelligence and machine learning comes to play to overcome the challenges of last mile logistics companies. Let’s have a look at how artificial intelligence is helping the last mile delivery-

Automating shipping process

With the latest technologies like using GPS and maps, making deliveries is getting quite effective. You can now deliver to the unknown pin codes also, especially in metro cities. Metro cities are crowded and are can be quite difficult to search for a particular address in crowded areas. GPS, business listings  & locations have helped the delivery aspect to a great extent. You can now make your delivery process more impressive and accurate.

Data analysis

Machine learning and natural language processing are the new factors of AI making wonders. These features help in better analysis of data. Now, organizations can have a keen look into the historical data and make decisions accordingly with their delivery partners. Better data analysis is the key to the success of any business in this competitive market.

Real time tracking

Features like real time tracking of the order are the feature that has won the hearts of the customers. Now, customers sitting at their homes can have a look at the live status of their delivery. Customer exactly knows where their order has reached and how much time it will take to get the order delivered.

Electronic proofreading

Another feature taking the last mile delivery experience to another level. Salient features like electronic proofreading and digital signature help to win the trust of customers to a great extent. Better customer experience over last mile delivery is significant for any firm trading online.

Artificial intelligence solutions and last mile logistics is the new trending combination. If you want to survive in this competitive market you have to keep a keen hold on last mile delivery. And, without integrating AI into the system it is very difficult to lead the competitive market.

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