A Quick Guide for Last Mile Logistics

As we all are living in a world of online shopping, everyone has felt special when they get the delivery of their product on the same day. The right product delivered to the right person at the right time it the new factor for full satisfaction at customers’ end. The introduction of technology especially the internet has revolutionized the eCommerce industry and raised an alarming rise in the demand for logistics especially Last mile delivery.

We can also assume that the Internet is bridging the gap between eCommerce and logistics verticals. So, firstly let’s have a keen understanding and basic knowledge about last mile logistics.

What do you mean by Last Mile Delivery?

As the name suggests, last mile delivery is a name given to the delivery process that helps to deliver the final product to the end users. In last mile logistics, delivery is given from distribution shops or centers to the final customer. It is the last process of the supply chain of the whole shipping process, that why it is named the Last mile. But it is not just limited to one mile rather it can vary from place to place and service to service.

But the matter of the fact is that all deliveries in last mile logistics are not the same. These days there are a number of classifications in last mile logistics, have a look-

Hyperlocal Delivery

It is the type of delivery preferred in this fast and busy urban life. Everyone wants their product to be delivered as soon as possible.  So, hyper local delivery is the fastest delivery method that delivers the product to the end user in a short span of time.

Same Day Delivery-

Same day delivery is simply the delivery method that delivers the ordered products to their customers in a span of 24 hours.

Standard Delivery-

Standard delivery as the name suggests is the general method of delivery in which there is no as such scheduled time for delivery of end products to the users.

Scheduled Delivery-

A scheduled delivery is the new vertical added to this industry. In this type, you can schedule the delivery as per the users’ appropriate place and time for delivery.

Last Mile Delivery is offering numerous benefits to users and the trading companies. Let’s discuss how it is helping firms and customers both-

Flexible Delivery Options-

As discussed earlier in this blog, there are a number of choices available as per the personal comfort and requirement if the user. Last mile delivery has allowed users to enjoy such a wide variety of delivery methods enabling high-end customer satisfaction. The variety and flexibility in the mode of delivery is a huge success for

Improved Profits-

As last mile delivery adds up great optimization to the shipping process, outputs are also good. In most of cases, the customer only deals with the delivery speed and quality of the product. Last mile delivery services boost up productivity, scales your business, enhances customer satisfaction & loyalty, reduces fleet management expenses, and increases customer retention on a particular brand.

Streamlined Shipping Operations-

Last mile delivery is considered to be the reputation of the shipping industry. As for customers, all other shipping activities are in disguise and the one and only service they are dealing with directly is Last mile itself. So, better the last mile delivery service, better will the reputation of the whole shipping process and the trading brands.


Last mile delivery is the end process and among the major process of shipping vertical, playing a vital role in attaining a high customer experience. In the world of online shopping and ecommerce, it is playing and will play a significant role in serving the industry.  

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